When you think of Athens and history, the first things to come to mind are temples of Zeus and Hephaestus, the power play of those in the Athenian senate, and of course the birthplace of the Olympic Games. While Athens in Greece is steeped in rich ancient history, here in the United States, our own Athens has its unique part in the making of our country as it is today. Having been your Athens local movers for over a decade, the professionals at Peroulas Moving & Storage know a little bit about Athens, Tennessee and we’re more than happy to give you a brief history lesson!

The story begins all the way back in 1822 when Athens was just a modest 35 acre slice of land near Eastnalle Creek. With a healthy water supply to power the mills and water the crops, it is said that Elijah Hurst, one of the commissioners, named the budding town after Athens in Greece, who were renowned for their innovative water technology and aqueducts.

In the 1830s, Athens had already established a newspaper and with the help of Samuel Ivins, this town of 500 unknowingly began the Daily Post Athenian which would become one of the oldest newspapers in Tennessee. The large focus of the newspaper would be to promote the building of the railroad which began construction in 1837. Though suffering many delays, the railroad would eventually reach Athens in 1951, creating a boom in economy and population.

In 1857 the southern branch of the Methodist Church opened the Athens Female College which became a monument of cultural pride to Athenians. The college still exists today, having operated under the name of Tennessee Wesleyan College since 1925. Though the school suffered through the Civil War as many other institutions and families did, the town itself suffered the most. With townsmen and women supporting both the North and South alliances, there was much inner hostility which created an economic depression.

Since the Civil War however, Athenians have rejoined together as a single town and grew tremendously. The town began industrializing in the 1920s with a boom in business and industry, despite the Great Depression the rest of America was facing. With a diverse local economy, Athens remained strong where other towns fell.

Today, Athens keeps its roots alive with historic homes that can still be seen when wandering through the city. If you’re planning on moving to this charming Tennessee locale, rely on Peroulas Moving & Storage as your Athens local movers. Call us to speak to a knowledgeable representative or fill out our online quote form today!

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