Often overshadowed by Memphis, Nashville, and the nearby Knoxville, Maryville has become known for its quality of life. With its quality educational institutions, low crime rate, affordable cost of living and wealth of outdoor activity options, the city has become ideal to raise a family in.

Cash-Saving Living Costs

Feeding your children, paying for their education and contributing to their savings can nearly to break your bank. In Maryville, the overall cost of living ranks lower than the US average, allowing families to comfortably finance their children’s futures.

Access to Grade A Education

Maryville is home to over 20 high-quality public and private schools. In fact, Maryville High School has been deemed an A+ school by the Governor of Tennessee, and is ranked the 14 best high school in the state.

The Fresh Mountain Air

If you want your children to live a healthy, active lifestyle, Maryville is perfect for you. It’s nearby the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so your kids will be a short distance away from outdoor fun.

Kids Will Sleep Safely and Soundly

Most importantly, you and your children can sleep safely and soundly every night in Maryville. With a crime rate that is 24 percent lower than the Tennessee average and eight percent lower than the national average, the chances of being a victim in Maryville are low.

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