offseason moving benefits

Is there a peak season for the relocation industry? Yes. Most people hire residential movers in Knoxville between the months of May through September. Typically, this is due to the favorable weather conditions and kids being out of school. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t move from October to April. In-fact, moving during off-season has some benefits that you might want to consider.

Availability of Dependable Movers

Quality Knoxville long-distance movers get booked fast, especially during the busy season. When conducting an off-season move—particularly during the winter months—you will have your pick of movers, allowing you to find the very best without fighting to book your move. You might also enjoy:

  • More Flexibility for Scheduling Your Move: Since reliable movers aren’t as busy, your will have a greater window of time in which to schedule your move. You might even be able to complete your entire move on a weekend if you aren’t traveling very far.
  • Faster Delivery of Your Household Items: Travel can be quicker and easier during the off-season because the traffic is less congested. This can result in faster delivery of your items.

Competitive Relocation Rates

Moving can be expensive. During off-season, some moving companies offer discount moving rates or slash prices on promotional services like moving materials or storage. For many, this reason alone is enough to consider moving during the slower season. Additionally, you might find that housing costs are lower during off-season because fewer people moving also means fewer people buying houses.

Important Points to Consider when Moving Off-Season

There are some good reasons to move during the slow season. However, if you decide to go this route, there are some important things to keep in mind so that your move is as simple and safe as possible:

  • Take precautions to protect your home from water and mud during wet winter weather.
  • Watch the weather conditions carefully for winter storms and plan accordingly.
  • Keep a watchful eye on traffic conditions during the holiday season or in cases of ice and snow.
  • Ensure that your utilities are setup and working before you arrive at your new home.
  • Dress in layers to keep warm while allowing flexibility to adjust your clothing while moving.

Do you need help from trusted Knoxville long-distance movers?

Moving during the off-season can be practical, affordable, and safe when you go with the right residential movers in Knoxville.

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