avoid injury when moving

If you’re planning a residential or commercial move, you’ll want to plan ahead to ensure that you can remain injury-free. At Peroulas Moving & Storage, we make sure all of our Knoxville, TN long distance movers are fully prepared so that they can prevent any surprises on the big day. Here are our top tips!

Preparation is the Key to Safety

An essential part of ensuring that you have a safe move is great preparation. This means starting the day off right. Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before. Eat a healthy breakfast to start the day and make sure you drink plenty of water. 

Another important part of preparing your body is stretching. Making sure you feel loose and limber throughout your body is a great way to prevent injury. You’ll also want to be cognizant of what you’re wearing. Closed toed shoes are essential to prevent foot injuries. Clothing that fits well–not too tight, not too loose–will make sure your moving day goes smoothly. 

Preparing the Moving Area 

To make sure you can complete your moving day efficiently, you’ll want to prepare the area you’re moving. One of the first things we tell our Knoxville, TN long distance movers is to clear all of the doorways and hallways so that you can move easily. This ensures that there aren’t any bumps along the way. 

There are some great tools on the market that can help make your moving day flow with ease. Flat dollies and hand trucks help move large appliances. Lifting straps can help with furniture and when you’re moving with a friend. 

Perfect Your Lifting Technique

Finally, you’ll want to focus on your lifting technique when you’re moving boxes and other heavy objects during the day. Here are some of the best tips we at Peroulas Moving & Storage follow: 

  • Proper Stance: Keep your feet spread apart so that you are operating from a wide base. 
  • Keep the Object Close: Stand right next to the object you’re lifting and keep it as close to your body as possible when moving it.
  • Engage Your Whole Body: When leaning down, bend your knees and lift slowly. Focus on engaging your hips, knees, and core muscles.
  • Protect Your Back: Make sure you bend at your knees, not your waist or back. Make sure you don’t twist your back at any time during the lift. 
  • Squat to Lift or Lower: Keep your back straight as you squat down from your thighs to lower or lift the object off the ground. 

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