Calculating Moving Costs

Are you considering hiring a professional moving company to help with an upcoming move? If so, you’re not alone. Even small moves can quickly become stressful, so it’s no surprise that so many families turn to the pros for help.

But how, exactly, does a professional moving company determine its prices? Of course, you expect to pay for professional services, but with no clear-cut price list, it can be confusing, and you might even worry about being overcharged. However, there is no need to worry. At Peroulas Moving and Storage, we want our residential movers in Knoxville to understand exactly how we calculate your estimate and your final price.

Calculating Pricing for Local Moving Services

You shouldn’t be surprised to discover that moving companies don’t charge every customer the same flat rate. That’s because there are a lot of variables that can determine how much work will be needed to properly execute your move, even when you are just moving across town. As a result, your moving company must account for your unique circumstances for any quote to be accurate.

To prepare your quote for a local move, your moving company will estimate the number of movers required and the number of hours they anticipate your move will take. Then they include any fuel expenses and any other additional services you have asked for. All of this is then used to calculate your quote as an hourly rate.

Determining the Price for Long-Distance Moves

Knoxville long-distance movers do not pay the same hourly rate for their moves. Instead, your price will be determined by the weight of the items you are shipping to your destination. We enter your inventory into our computer system, which then uses a preset formula to estimate the weight of all your items. Once we figure out the total weight of your items and the carrier tariff rate we can calculate your estimate.

Adding Additional Services

Typically, any extra services you request (packing, unpacking, storage, etc.) will require an additional charge. This allows us to cover the extra labor or warehouse space needed to fulfill your request. You should also expect to pay extra for any disposable supplies (boxes or tape) that you ask your moving company to provide.

Do You Need an In-Home Estimate?

Don’t be shocked if your local or long-distance moving company insists on an in-home consultation before they provide you with an estimate for your move. This allows the moving company to create a more accurate quote as it gives them the opportunity to assess the scope of your move. It also allows them to plan for any special circumstances that might make your move more or less complicated.

After your in-home estimate is complete, your moving company will present you with either a binding or non-binding estimate. Before signing any contracts with a mover, be sure to determine which type of quote you have received. A non-binding estimate typically allows the moving company to change the price during your move. This will enable them to cover any unexpected expenses that might occur, but it could leave you paying more than you can afford. A written, binding estimate protects you against these price changes, which can help you budget your move more effectively.

Let Our Experts Make Your Next Move Stress-Free

When you pay for professional moving services, you deserve an easy moving experience. Our family-owned, local company, has been making life easier for Knoxville movers since 1999. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and are proudly affiliated with North American Van Lines. Our customizable moving plans ensure you only pay for the services you need, and our experienced movers are thoroughly screened, licensed, and insured professionals.

Let our professional staff help make your move easier. Call today to talk to our Knoxville moving experts about our local or long-distance moving services, custom packing or shipping, or storage solutions. You can also use our online form to get started on your no-obligation, in-home estimate.