As a homeowner in Tennessee, you're likely no stranger to the summertime heat! While normally you may have no issue dealing with it, moving your home during warm weather can easily become dangerous. From heat exhaustion to dehydration, the last thing you want to worry about is your health when relocating your home. To ensure the heat doesn't get to you, your family, or the moving crew, it's imperative you take some steps to prepare. Here are some solid tips that you and your family can utilize during your next move.

Hydration is Key

Drinking enough water is the number one key to managing a warm weather move. If you're enlisting the help of residential movers, make sure that you provide enough for them as well! This kind gesture will likely go miles for them. Keeping up on adequate water consumption can be difficult, especially when you're busy packing and loading items. Be sure to take the necessary breaks, and remind everyone else to do so as well! The key to staying hydrated is being on top of it, so always drink more water than you think you'll need. Heat stroke is no joke, so take the steps to prevent it! If you ever become dramatically tired during your move, rest.

​​Dress Appropriately for the Tennessee Heat

Clothing is an often overlooked area, but dressing for warm weather is essential. Here are some things you can consider:

  • Gloves: Your hands will likely be very sweaty during the heat, and you don't want to drop any items or boxes. Wearing gloves will keep your toes and your possessions secure!
  • Breathable Clothing: Try to opt for materials that are breathable such as cotton shirts or athletic wear. This will allow sweat to leave your body, preventing overheating.
  • Closed-Toed Shoes: You may be tempted to wear open-toed shoes or sandals during the warm weather, but this can be quite dangerous when moving heavy items and furniture around your home.

​​Keep the Home Comfortable for You and Your Residential Movers

Keeping your home cool can be difficult during the moving process. You and your long distance movers will be in and out of the house and it may not be possible to efficiently cool with air conditioning. To mitigate this, make sure you have plenty of windows open and try to create a cross breeze. You can also set up multiple fans throughout the house to circulate air. Finally, try to schedule pets and children to be out of the house during this time, as they can easily overheat.

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