If you are bound and determined to complete a long-distance move without the help of a moving team, our team at Peroulas Moving & Storage has some tips for you. It is important to not assume your only expense will be renting the moving truck. There are a handful of issues that may arise and it is always best to have money set aside to fix these issues. Do not be thrown off by the unexpected during your residential move, follow these helpful tips to be prepared. 

Prepare for Unexpected Emergencies

Do you have an emergency road kit for your vehicle? A lot of issues can happen during a long-distance drive and you want to be prepared. You may also want to include a battery powered phone charge and physical or downloaded maps. We all rely on GPS to get us to a new location, make sure you are prepared to get there even if you lose cell phone service. It may also be a great idea to invest in AAA or OnStar, that way if you have a car emergency help will be on the way quickly. 

Prepare for Unexpected Delays

Everyone has been running behind before, it is no surprise when your moving truck gets set back from traffic or other factors. We advise that you pack several days' worth of necessities when preparing for an interstate move. You want to have the basics; this can include simple dish ware if you are looking to not spend extra money eating out. It may also be a good idea to put money aside to eat out a few times during your move. 

Prepare for Unexpected Damages

When you are packing delicate items like glass and ceramics make sure you properly pack each item safely away. Many household items can take a beating during your move, but fragile items will not fare well if not packed properly. We recommend you use dish packing boxes for these items and then layer packing paper and bubble rolls in between each item. 

Prepare for Unexpected Fuel Costs

Putting Gas into a moving truck is a big expense, when you multiply that expense with a long-distance move you may be surprised at the cost factors. It is important to plan where you are going to stop and get gas. Try looking into where gas is normally less expensive in certain areas. You do not want to end up spending hundreds of dollars to transport your items yourself. 

Another idea is to hire a professional moving company like Peroulas Moving & Storage! You will get one fixed cost for us to move your items and you can compare that to the cost of driving your moving truck yourself. Call us today to get a free moving estimate. We can do as little or as much work as you need.