If an internet search for a residential mover has yielded hundreds of results, you may run across a moving broker. If you’re trying to decide between a moving company or a moving broker, there are a few things you should consider.

Moving Services Provided

Moving Companies employ crews who handle the physical actions of packing, transportation, and storage services. By contrast, a moving broker is simply there to help you find a moving company that does these things. You’re adding a middleman.

Licensing for Interstate Moves

Moving companies are regulated and required to have authorization from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to transport household goods between states. They also must show proof of this authorization. Brokers are not backed by these authorization requirements.

Item Damage Protection & Reimbursement

Moving Companies are additionally bound by law to reimburse customers for damaged items. They also facilitate as a point of contact for these claims. Moving brokers do not offer reimbursement or facilitate any part of the claims process.

Moving Trucks and Equipment

Moving companies own or lease their trucks, equipment, and warehouse space. They can provide exact specifications if you’re seeking specific requirements because they know their equipment. Most moving brokers don’t own any trucks or equipment.

Reputation Research

Reading reviews by past customers can help you evaluate a moving company. Many moving companies receive feedback on Google, Facebook, or even the Better Business Bureau website. Moving brokers don’t actually perform any moves, so it may be difficult to find reviews.

Support Local Economy

Moving Companies operate in the physical world. They need real estate, employees, and other business support, so they support their local economies. On the other hand, moving brokers conduct business over the phone and may operate from anywhere in the world.

Final Thoughts

An experienced moving company can help a residential move with intimate knowledge of the industry and their own equipment. Moving brokers only contact you to moving companies who can help. For a truly seamless experience, go with dedicated long-distance movers. Peroulas Moving & Storage has been Tennessee’s choice mover for over two decades. Get a free quote.