Do you have an upcoming move? You probably have an endless to-do list between packing, coordinating, and finalizing details. One of the main factors when planning a move is hiring your professional movers, but unfortunately, many people leave this until the last minute and can be left with a subpar moving team or no help at all.

As a premier moving and storage company, we always recommend that customers reach out to moving companies for free estimates as soon as possible. Our friendly team is always available to discuss the details of your move and provide a free estimate. Whenever possible, booking your moving company should be done at least two months prior to moving day.

While we certainly advise customers to reach out sooner rather than later, there are many different factors that affect the timing of your outreach. These include move size, time of year, and relocation distance.

Why Your Move Size Matters When Gathering Moving Estimates

The size of your move impacts how you should time your moving company research. Larger moves require a larger moving team and more resources from your moving company, while smaller moves, of course, require fewer movers and fewer resources. In general, if you are a single person moving from a small apartment, it might be easier to get on a moving company’s calendar closer to moving day. But if you are a family relocating from a large home, your moving company will need to carefully plan the logistics of your move, which requires as much advance notice as possible.

Also, when planning a particularly large move, the need for additional services may arise. At Peroulas Moving & Storage, for example, we have incredible full-service offerings for customers to take advantage of including packing, specialized moving, and storage. It is always advisable to book your services sooner rather than later for large moves.

How Time of Year Impacts How You Time Your Moving Company Outreach

Did you know that there are busy seasons and slow seasons for moving? Summer is usually the peak season, while the fall and winter months are usually less busy. If you are planning a summer relocation, we highly recommend reaching out as soon as you possibly can. For a fall or winter move, however, you may have luck reaching out closer to your moving day.

Why Relocation Distance Matters When It Comes to Moving Estimates

Relocation distance is another important aspect of your move that will impact how you time your estimate gathering process. The further away you are moving, the more movers, vehicles, and equipment your moving company will need to put on your relocation project. If you are moving long-distance, gathering estimates early is a wise decision.

How Peroulas Moving & Storage Can Help with Your Relocation

It will always serve you to research moving companies and gather estimates sooner rather than later. Booking your movers early on frees you up to focus on other aspects of your relocation. If you are looking to receive a free estimate for your Knoxville-area move, the BBB accredited, A rated team at Peroulas Moving & Storage would love to chat. As a full-service company, we can help with residential, commercial, international, and specialized moves, along with storage. Reach out today to get your estimate.